About Me

I’m Kaitlyn Wolf

I’m a writer, Pilates instructor, public speaker, life coach and spiritual junkie who arguably spends most of my free time hanging with my dog Luna and two cats Lucy and Levi. You can also catch me doing Hot Pilates and Yoga whenever I can.

I truly love diving into a good book, playing with crystals and angel cards or figuring out how to do life better. I am addicted to growth. I decided a long time ago that if I was going to be on this planet I was going to live to my greatest potential and get the most out of this beautiful messy life.

I have the honor of coaching people everyday in Hot Pilates, Meditation and Mindset. Its pretty dope.

My journey home to Self really started in 2011, I was 17 and at a really bad place in my life, I’m talking deep depression holding on by a thread bad place. My momma took me to a Hot Pilates class to help me process my trauma through fitness because for me movement was always something I connected to and it helped me clear my thoughts and be present with Self. This hour on my mat was powerful and lead me into teaching straight away. On top of that it lead me on my own spiritual journey because let me tell you, showing up for others wasn’t easy when I could barely show up in my own life.

Hot Pilates and my students gave me a powerful why to step up and change my toxic life patterns. I was over eating, binge drinking, smoking weed all day, smoking cigarettes, engaging in toxic relationships with men, avoiding my feelings and even got arrested! You name it, I was probably dealing with it. Oh and not to mention I was lying about ALL OF IT, hiding in shame so people wouldn’t see how broken I was. Through my life depression has been something I have battled from a very young age and something I continue to manage today through a lot of self work and mindfulness. It has lead me to tons of tools and practices to continue feeling joy and peace in my life even when it feels like I am swimming upstream. Through the years I have gotten certified all over the map! From NASM and Inferno Hot Pilates to NLP, life coaching and Theta Healing, I made it my mission to figure out how to be the best version of myself! I definitely am not there yet and don’t think I’ll ever stop growing but I know how far I have come and that the tools I have learned so far can help other divine souls to step into their power and truth.

With all that being said, I’m so glad you’re here reading this (thank you!). I hope to add value to you in any way I can, I’m here to support you like my friends and family supported me. This is my space to get all the thoughts out of my head with the hopes that the places I have been and the things I have learned can help you live your most abundant wonderful life.

There is always great love for you here.

~ KW

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom – Socrates