10 Ways To Style Sneakers 

10 Ways To Style Sneakers 

Sneakers are a staple to any shoe collection but they’re often overlooked when it comes to planning out your next chic outfit. You may be used to only wearing sneakers when you go on walks or are running errands, but they’re not your go-to for brunch or a night out with the girls. Well, we’re here to make the case that sneakers are potentially the most fashionable (and comfortable) item in your closet because they do in fact, go with everything. 

Hear us out, sneakers can make a fancy outfit more casual or a classy look cooler. As much as you may love your heels and sandals, I think it’s safe to say too much time in them means sore feet and patching up blisters. Plus, sneakers are a fashion statement you can wear year-round! Not sold yet? Take a look at some of our favorite fashionable ways to style sneakers!

1. A Maxi Skirt and Graphic Tee

Do you love flowy and feminine pieces? Well, a classic sneaker adds the perfect touch to wear with a maxi skirt that hits just above the ankle. Pair it with a slightly oversized graphic tee and you’ll have created the perfect casual-cool look.

2. Sneakers with a Dress

Didn’t think sneakers went with a dress? Think again! The best part about it is you’re not limited to what kind of dress. Throw on your favorite t-shirt dress, a silky mini dress, or even a floral brunching dress and your set!

3. A Classic Button-up and Trouser Shorts

Trousers, a loose button-up, and a pair of sneakers will keep you looking professional while you take on your day. This look is totally business-casual meets stylish. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort with this clean and classy look.

4. Jeans and a Cozy Cardigan or Sweater

There is nothing better than spending a cold day in a cozy top. Throw on some high-waisted blue jeans, a simple top, and your favorite cardigan or sweater, and stay warm and comfy all day from head to toe. 

5. Pantsuit

Wondering if you can wear sneakers with a pantsuit? Absolutely! Metallic sneakers can add flair to a simple gray pantsuit. This look takes a totally professional look and adds a touch of casual to it. You’ll be ready for a business meeting or a walk to your favorite coffee shop.

6.  Pullover and a Mini Skirt

A slightly oversized pullover and a mini skirt give you that touch of hipster meets grunge look. You can go from running errands to lunch with friends without having to worry about an outfit change. Try a pleated mini skirt with sneakers and a pullover to accent the skirt.

7.  Leather Pants and a Trendy Top

This cool meets sassy look takes you from day to night in no time. Throw on some long or cropped leather pants and a top with trendy cuts, then finish it off with sneakers that pop, like cheetah print vans. Or you can wear a top with a pop of color and more neutral sneakers.

8. Pants Rolled at the Ankle and a Blouse

Do you have a pair of chunky dad sneakers that you just can’t figure out how to wear? Try out this look! Throw on dark or neutral-colored pants and a blouse with color or cool designs. You can even match the color of the blouse with the shoes!

9. Sweatpants with a Crop Top and a Jacket

You might be totally over wearing sweatpants after spending so much time in them during the pandemic, or maybe those sweatpants are your favorite place to live. Either way, staying at home has brought us a style trend we’re here for. Pair your favorite sweats with a cropped top and a chic blazer to go from watching Netflix to taking Zoom calls.

10. Legging and a Sport Jacket 

And last but certainly not least! We could never forget leggings! The perfect combo that was made for each other like peanut butter and jelly. If you aren’t planning to hit the gym, take the look a step further by pairing your sneakers with leggings and a sporty jacket, over traditional athletic shoes. Incorporate interesting details, fun colors, or mesh in subtle spots throughout this ensemble.

These Sneakers Are Made For……Everything!

There’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style when there are so many different ways you can rock sneakers. No matter if you love lace-ups, simple white sneakers, or even a chunky dad sneaker, it’s time to stay comfortable, chic, and stylish in whatever outfit-sneaker combo you choose.

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