4 Quick Tips To Start Off The New Year Clutter Free With Stuff You Love

It’s a new year and one full of opportunities! Hello 2021 and goodbye 2020 (thank goodness).

With a clean slate ahead it’s time to move forward and step into your best you yet! It’s time to declutter, reset and choose to live this new year in the best version of yourself. Here’s 4 tips to create space and clean energy moving into 2021

  1. Exchange Gifts And Unwanted Items 

Whether you’re looking to put a little cash in your pocket, pay off some debt or get yourself something you actually love. Consider taking items like hand bags, shoes, wallets, jewelry, computers, even musical instruments into a pawn shop like my favorite, Max Pawn in Las Vegas! This is a simple and easy way to make exchanges or put some money in your wallet. No one has time for things we don’t actually want/like, not this year. 

  1. Get Rid Of What Does’t Bring You Joy.

That can be the hardest task of them all. Clothes, purses, shoes, and that one dress you bought for that party 6 years ago that you only wore once? it’s a lot, I get it. It can be hard deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, ask yourself some questions to help you create clarity around each item. 

  • Will I actually ever wear this?
  • Do I have anything else that goes with this?
  • Do I even like this?
  • Do I feel GREAT wearing this or just okay?
  • Is it a duplicate? Do I really need 5 black v-necks?
  • Would I buy it again if I saw this in a store today?
  • When I wear this do I judge myself? 
  • When I see myself in a mirror do I love it or is it just so-so?
  1. Ditch Old Worn Clothing. 

Check for holes, color fading or just straight obvious signs of wear and tear. Look I get it you love those workout pants but friend, pants with holes are not a good look and I promise you can find a new pair you love. It’s time to take off the old sweats and show up in your life looking and feeling good. Not for anyone else but so you can feel empowered and confident.

  1. Declutter To Create New Energy

Get rid of that guitar you never actually learned how to play 4 years ago, sorry friend but it’s probably not going to happen. That old computer you don’t need anymore or those beats headphones you had to have but never use. Stop being so afraid to GET RID OF IT! Think, a little extra cash could go towards paying off debt or towards that vacation you had to put off in 2020. Focus on how pawning/selling that unused stuff could benefit your future. Not only that, cleaning out your space leaves you with fresh energy and a sense of a new start, letting go of the past. It leaves you with space to create new and become more.

You Got This!

Make a commitment to move into your new year as a better version of who you used to be, let go of the past and the items and thoughts that no longer serve you so you can truly step into your magic. Let it flow my friends and choose to make this year great!

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