6 Ways To Create More Joy This Fall

Fall is fast approaching and for many you’re already feeling a big change in weather and scenery. As we end 2020 it’s so important to keep your spirits high and embrace life just as it is. Nothing in this world is absolute and 2020 taught us that like never before, so I hope as the year ends you celebrate life. You spend time with the people you love, you spoil yourself and you look for reasons to feel good. Here are 6 ways you dive into fall! 

  1. Update your wardrobe with fall trends

The oversized sweater and dark matte lipsticks are always a fall favorite but we aren’t stopping there!  As we move into this change in weather it’s the perfect time to start shopping for your fall essentials like thigh high boots, scarves and jackets! As we change seasons we change color schemes! I always start with updating traditional blacks and grays in my closet and then adding some spice into those outfits. According to Bazaar magazine the 2020 fall color trend means adding sorbet pink, envy greens and down to earth inspired tones of brown to your wardrobe. 

  1. Go apple picking

Orchards take me right back to my childhood and bringing in the cooler weather by picking fresh apples and drinking warm apple cider (yummm!).

This is a great outdoor activity you can do with the whole family. You can even extend the fun and bake sweet treats or make your own apple cider at home!

  1. Pumpkins!

Head over to a pumpkin patch and spend the day playing games and drinking hot chocolate with the fam. Pick some pumpkins and host a pumpkin carving contest with your friends. Pumpkins also go great as fall decor and they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors! Throw those babies all around your house for easy, inexpensive fall decorating. 

  1. Fall food favorites

Nothing brings people together like food and you have so many options when it comes to this! You could have a dinner party, friendsgiving, host a cook off or even a baking competition. Bring your friends and loved ones together for a chili cook off or maybe make your favorite deserts and show off those baking skills. I don’t know about you but a pumpkin roll always has a place in my heart. 

  1. Get spooky

Get into the halloween mood by having a scary movie night. Spice it up this year by getting a projector and a white sheet and have everyone gather in your backyard around a bonfire while you watch. Don’t forget the popcorn! 

  1. Rent a cabin in the mountains

Take someone you love or a group of friends and rent a place somewhere beautiful. Nothing beats watching the leaves change or snow fall. Curl up with a good cup of coffee and spend time creating relationships, take a hike and breath in the fresh fall air, build a campfire and roast marshmallows. The options are endless! I always have loved the change in energy as we ease into fall and experiencing that change in nature makes the experience all the better. 

So my friends whatever you do, do it with a joyful spirit and a grateful heart! 


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