2020 and we’re going back to school……kind of.

It’s back to school time!……wait, or is it? Right now most of us have no idea what the 2020-21 school year holds. What we do know is it’s going to look very different then what it did pre COVID-19.

Most parents are torn about whether it’s safe to send their kids back to school or if it should look more like a hybrid of in school and at home learning. No matter what it looks like for your family we know it’s going to look different. However, different doesn’t have to mean bad. As parents and children alike are navigating this new way of life and learning, it’s so important to create as much normalcy around it as possible.

Here’s a  few things think about as we enter into the new school year;

  1. Social interactions are so important. Allowing children time with friends in a safe supervised setting helps keep their social skills up and gives them time to blow off steam from being home so often.
  1. School supplies still matter! Buying kids school supplies encourages them to be prepared, organized and focused even when learning from home. Don’t forget to add masks to your back to school shopping list!
  1. A go to place for school work. Set up a small work station for kids so they have a place that reminds them “now’s time to learn” everytime they sit down. It will become their space for growth and help keep them focused on the task at hand. 
  1. Back to school wardrobe! Even if it’s only a few staple items. Buying kids new clothes helps them to feel good even if they are learning at home on an iPad. Building self esteem and confidence is crucial for kids of any age and new clothes can encourage them to still express themselves. 
  1. With kids staying home more it might mean you as parents have extra expenses you didn’t have before COVID-19. A few ways to help fill the gaps are to rework your budget and eliminate anything that’s not a necessity and remember that food utilities, shelter and transportation should always come first. You might need to rework your schedule and see if you or your spouse can work more from home or change to a night shift. If you have extended family around you, now’s the time to call on them! Don’t be afraid to ask for help during these challenging times. If you don’t have family close consider teaming up with other parents in similar situations. If you’re still working to fill in the income gaps consider working part time for things like Uber Eats or Door Dash.

As tough as these times are for many people and as we all work hard to create our new normal, it’s always important to remember that we are in this together. Creating community, helping each other, spreading love and being kind are more important than ever before. We can create a sense of normalcy in these challenging times as long as we work together and keep focusing our attention on the good!

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