Clearing Toxic Energy

Leave the past in the past my friend, it serves you much more for a bright future.

Change can be hard, it can be scary letting go of your past and the familiar. Lately a lot has been shifting and changing in my life from moving out to moving up and mainly, moving on. I noticed myself holding on to things that honestly carry a not so great energy with them, however it felt wrong to get rid of them. Like getting rid of those things made it more real and made the past officially that, the past. After a hard and traumatic end to my marriage I have been holding on to my wedding ring for just shy of a year now, along with earring and a few necklaces that I never wear or look at because let’s be real, it just makes me sad to know that someone I once loved so much will never be in my life again because of very Irreconcilable differences. Sometimes it felt easier to just put those things away and ignore them, however lately I can feel their energy over me more than ever before. Knowing that shiny little ring is sitting in my nightstand haunts me in a sense. 

Everything holds some sort of energy to it, whether it’s a purse or a piece of jewelry or even a pair of shoes, there’s some vibration attached to it. It’s like when you wear your favorite sweater your mom gave you, you feel happy. When you see your late grandpa’s old shirt in a box of things, you might feel sad. I think what I’m learning more and more is that as hard as it is to let go, to cleanse myself of this stuff, keeping it just keeps me stuck in the energy of the past, of a toxic relationship, of a failed marriage. I know for me I can never truly move forward when I allow that negative energy to permeate in my life. Although it’s much easier said than done, I truly believe once the bandaid is ripped off and that toxic “stuff” is removed from your life, you feel better. It might seem so insignificant but it makes a bigger impact on you then you might think. 

I will say it helps knowing I can put a little cash in my pocket, that I can use that money to support a better version of myself, to fill my life with clean positive energy. If you take away one thing from reading this I hope it’s to allow yourself space for new energy to come into your life, new people and experiences to come into your life to make you better and happier all around. To stop letting your past dictate your future and find that inner strength to just move forward even when it hurts. 

You’re a powerful creator and it’s time to start acting like it!


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