Quarantine Clean out

We’re in a unique time in our lives where you don’t have to worry so much about the demands of life and can take the time to focus on all those To Do list projects you just never quite get to. This is a rare and unique opportunity to really take your time with things and spread out that list, start feeling encouraged by the fact that you do have the time to take on some of those projects you might otherwise shun for more exciting things. 

Over time we accumulate so much stuff and often don’t even realize what’s been lingering in our closet for the past 10 years. The drawer that never gets cleaned out, the jewelry box full of outdated pieces, the old game consoles you don’t use and not to mention that guitar you played for 3 months 6 years ago that’s still sitting in your hall closet. 

It’s time to make a to-do list, then divide and conquer

Start with a wish list of all the things at home you want to organize, scrub, wash or tidy up. Then go from there! Try not to clean the whole house at once and start by going through closets and drawers to discard old unwanted items. Space it out and give yourself time to thoroughly go through everything and not stress yourself out. We often try to knock out big projects in a two day time span and often bite off more than we can chew. Now that you have the time, use it.  

Getting rid of old clothes and unused items can create a whole new energy in your home and leave you feeling lighter and more peaceful, which let’s be real doesn’t hurt one bit in this crazy coronavirus time. It also allows you space to deep clean your home without having to fight to get around clutter. If you’re a parent you can even get your kids to join you and have them clean out their rooms of unwanted clothes and toys as well.

I find for me clearing out clutter and cleaning up your space can be somewhat therapeutic, turn on some good music or your favorite podcast and get lost in the task at hand allowing your brain to focus on something besides worry and release the stress in your life, even if it’s only for a short time. This will make a major impact on your mood and leave you feeling productive and positive.

A small tip to keep in mind while decluttering is to keep things of value that you can sell or pawn. Things like clothes you can sell on sites like poshmark or jewelry and designer items you can pawn. You would be surprised what you could get for your old unused items if kept in the right condition. Not only are you clearing out space, you have the potential to get some cash in your pocket as well.

Let this be a time of cleansing and moving forward for you and use this break from life as you knew it to still move forward even if it’s in seemingly small, unexpected ways. 

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