Eco friendly luxury, say what?!

In today’s day and age times are changing and that means more and more people are looking to eco friendly solutions while simultaneously looking to keep money in their pocket. The good news is that it’s totally possible to play a part in making a positive environmental impact as well as hitting the latest fashion trends AND keeping your costs low, did I mention you can also support local businesses in the process? Here’s how;

1) Save Money and Get a Return on Investment

Shopping secondhand means that whatever price you pay is half or less of the original. Often when certifiably sourced you can find items of all kinds kept in amazing condition. When it comes to clothing you can find brands like Nike and Calvin Klein. Handbags are HUGE when it comes to second hand items, find a good pawn shop and you’re looking at paying up to 75% less than retail value for items often in perfect condition, brands like Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. The eco friendly discounts don’t stop there, looking for jewelry? You can find brands like Tiffany’s and Rolex for prices you can actually afford. Basically you’re finding trendy items at exceptionally low prices. 

It’s the best way to deal with textile waste, because items (especially luxury items in good condition) don’t have to just get thrown out after a few uses, it goes to a new home for another five years or more. This means even that Prada purse that just doesn’t fit your style anymore can get recycled AND get this, in 2019 luxury handbags where the number 1 collectable investment of the year! With a 13% return on investment, its estimated that over a 10 year period your luxury handbags can be worth up to 108% more than what you paid. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. 

2) It’s More Sustainable

Think eco friendly shopping! There’s a lot of water and chemicals that go into the making of our, well stuff. When I say a lot, I mean 1,800 gallons of water to make one pair of blue jeans is the tip of the iceberg. The producing of clothes, shoes, handbags and so much more is causing some major environmental impact. Shoes and handbags mostly depend on leather. And well, cattle ranching consumes mass quantities of natural resources – from land to water. Traditional leather tanning uses heavy metals which are released into our environment and we end up breathing them in. Most notably chromium. PVC is another favored component in bag-making and it’s major environmental contaminant. The resulting waste is a health hazard all on its own. 

If we recycle our clothes and accessories that means we’re less likely to be paying the price in the future. You’re helping the environment by buying second hand and participating in re-sale/donating.

Keep in mind that between the landfills, the land and water needed and the environmental impact of production, money is needed. Who’s money you ask? Yours of course, tax money is what funds these projects so in the long term you could even be looking at saving money on taxes.

3) It’s a Recycling System that Directly Helps Everyone in Your Community

For people who just can’t afford luxury items or even a good suit for a job interview, secondhand items can provide lower income families the ability to get the items they need and even be able to spoil themselves a little in some situations.

Even if you’re well off, you might have to pinch pennies at least one time in your life and shopping second hand can allow you to stay up to date on the trends you love and like I said earlier, it may be a solution to put some cash in your pockets. But don’t get me wrong, all income ranges shop this way often, you would be surprised how many wealthy people still shop second hand luxury to avoid paying outrageous prices. 

Why is this a better use of textile waste? Because it creates a recycling community. Recycling clothes and accessories becomes a resource to people while helping those in need and the environment. It also can support local businesses which these days is super important. Local businesses care about and are invested in the well-being of your community and it’s future. Local businesses are more accountable to their local communities and donate more money to non-profits. Supporting local businesses is good for the environment because they often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies.

If you think that buying secondhand doesn’t change anything; it does. It directly helps to keep the recycling system in place and gives people with little money a face and personality of their own by keeping the costs low. If you think buying secondhand isn’t fashionable; it is. You can find anything from Levi denim jeans to Birkin bags and even laptops in pawn shops and thrift stores. This new revolution of buying and selling can not only keep you fashionable but keep money in your pocket and help generations to come!

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