Self-Care and Confidence

A feeling of self empowerment stems from a place of confidence and your style is a powerful tool to reflect that. Your style and the clothes and accessories you wear greatly affects both your mood and your confidence. As important as it is to cultivate feelings of acceptance, confidence and self-love on the inside, the outside can also have a huge impact on you.

To feel beautiful, strong, and self-assured, you need to wear clothes that empower you, there’s no magic formula. This is really all about tapping into what makes you feel good as an individual. Here are some tips that will help boost your confidence, improve your mood and elevate your self-esteem through personal style. 

Be True To You

Confidence and self-esteem comes from being true to who you are. Your personal style is a representation of you and it should be personal, it means wearing what you want, when you want. Stop saving things for “special occasions” or not wearing those heels because you don’t think anyone else will be. No more shying away from clothes because you want to blend in or not rocking that tribal necklace because it’s a bit “too much”. Remind yourself of the outfits that make you feel amazing and start buying your clothes and accessories with YOU in mind. If something makes you feel good and you want to wear it, wear it. Make your own rules! Be comfortable in your clothes and take care of yourself – confidence will follow. 

Declutter and Update Your Wardrobe

Nobody feels good wearing ill-fitting, worn out, and out-dated clothing. Clutter will cause you to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when trying to create outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident. You want to create excitement around planning your outfits and styling your accessories. Declutter your clothes, purses, shoes, belts, even jewelry by getting rid of anything you no longer wear, anything you wouldn’t buy again, things that don’t fit properly or make you feel great and definitely things that carry negative energies like your exes old 18 karate gold necklace you’ve rocked a few times before. Keep in mind while you are decluttering that you should feel excited to wear everything single piece in your wardrobe. If you need more help with decluttering check out my recent blog post How to Cleanse Your Closet. 

Love Your Body and Be Nice To Yourself

When you look in that mirror you have to train yourself to look for the good! We’re often tougher on ourselves than we are on others; we say stuff to ourselves that we would never say to someone we love. Quit that negative self talk, it may not go away overnight but the more you practice saying nice things about yourself and your body, the more you will start believing it. Write affirmation on your mirrors, in your bathrooms, in your car and keep your attention on what you love about yourself. See your body for what it really is: beautiful. Bad outfits cause bad vibes. Your body is never the problem, it’s always the clothes; if something doesn’t fit or look right, it’s the clothes fault not your body’s, trust me this happens to EVERYONE.. Be kind to yourself, invest in self-care, and love your body. If there is something you truly want to change and actually have to power to change through nutrition and exercise, then do it. Take action and responsibility but love yourself for where you are NOW.

Create Your Dream Wardrobe

After decluttering your wardrobe and vowing to always wear things that make you feel amazing, you should start creating a wardrobe you love. Start paying attention to details, spicing up your outfits outside of just your clothes and shoes, accessories add that extra touch to any great look. Think earrings and necklaces, purses and even simple things like belts and sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses can make anyone feel more confident! Simplify your style by choosing with intention, buying less at a better quality and shopping for what excites you. Adopt new shopping habits by choosing quality over quantity. Invest in clothing and accessories that are comfortable and stylish (especially shoes!). And finally invest in creating a wardrobe that’s full of versatile pieces that can work together in different ways; you can do this with your jewellery and handbag collection too. 

Express Yourself

The most important part of all of this is that you do you! Using style to empower and build your confidence only works if you dress to express who you are. Have fun with clothes and accessories that show your personality. You have so many options with fashion and so much room for creativity from bold patterns to minimal colors, oversized belts to dainty jewelry, expressing your personal style is the only way your wardrobe will work to empower you every single day. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, try new styles or things you previously thought you wouldn’t like or might not look good on you, if you never try something new you’ll never know if you like it!

Your clothes affect your confidence, color influences your mood and styling with intention affects self-esteem, use these things to express yourself and watch your confidence soar!

There is ALWAYS great love here for you, just as you are.


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