6 Books That Changed My Life

  1. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living – Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie’s goal is to lead readers to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. He helps you become more aware of yourself and others around you. This book hits the nail on the head for people who can’t stop worrying/overthinking. It offers a shift in mindset and ways to reduce your worry to live with more peace and trust in your life. 

  1. Gifts of Imperfection – Brene Brown

Brene Brown is absolutely incredible, every book of hers is impactful. I love gifts of imperfection because she teaches you that you are worthy of acceptance and compassion, worthy of self-discovery, personal growth and boundless love. This book will change your outlook on life and help you find the courage to overcome paralyzing fear and self-consciousness. Brene Brown will help you strengthen your connection to the world and to yourself. An inspiring, motivational and impactful guide to wholehearted living, not just your average self-help book. 

  1. Switch On Your Brain – Dr. Caroline Leaf

Obsessed with this book! So according to researth 75-98% of the illnesses that affect us today are a DIRECT result of our thought life. What you think about all day affects you both physically and emotionally. Fear can trigger 1,400 known physical and chemical responses in your body and activates more than 30 different hormones. 80% of our thoughts are negative, toxic thinking has become an epidemic and Dr. Caroline Leaf explains how if left unchecked this creates ideal conditions for illness. This book is all science and medical research and provides a prescription for better health and wholeness through correct thinking patterns. You are not a victim of you biology. Period. 

  1. Girl, wash your face – Rachel Hollis

One of my favorite people to follow is Rachel Hollis and in this book Rachel exposes the twenty lies and misconceptions that hold us back from stepping into a joyful, productive life (Unworthiness, comparison, negative thinking) She gets real honest and keeps you laughing and crying all at the same time. She gets into stories about her life and the hard things she went through but most importantly how she overcame those things and how you can too. It combines passion and hustle which I can definitely get behind. 

  1. Radical Acceptance – Tara Brach

This book was huge for me when I felt like my life as I knew it was crumbling, I felt out of control and confused and Radical Acceptance was a game changer in terms of letting go and letting god. My favorite quote from the book is “Feeling that something is wrong with me is the invisible and toxic gas I am always breathing. When we experience our lives through this lens of personal insufficiency, we are imprisoned in what I call the trance of unworthiness. Trapped in this trance, we are unable to perceive the truth of who we really are.”. Tara Brach will help you begin to understand how our lives have become ensnared in a trance of unworthiness and help you take your first step toward reconnecting with who you really are and what it means to live fully. She even gives you guided meditations which are amazing!

  1. The Essential law of attraction collection

So this is more like multiple books but each and every one is amazing in my opinion. We have all heard of the Law of Attractions but most people don’t truly understand it. This book will teach you how to use this law in your favor to create more abundance in your life than ever before. On top of that it will help you understand the laws of the universe, energy flow and how to feel more bliss in your life all around. These books helped me learn to reach for better feeling thoughts to change my thought pattern and start stepping into my universal flow.

I hope these books can serve you on your journey home to Self, to better feeling thoughts and to even more abundance in your life!

There is great love for you here.


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